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We provide powerful technical instances to ensure at all times that your booked products are stable and fail-safe...

We place the highest priority on security with intelligent features in our data centers, thus ensuring optimum protection...

We offer flexible and transparent tariffs that give you full freedom of choice over the price, term and resources needed...

Intuitive usability and uniform service standards with high-quality products from a professional provider network...



Tariff Comparison



Shared OVPN


1 User

Shared IP

Server: DE



OVPN Account

Protocols: UDP/TCP


   1,99   € / Month

orr    19,90   € / Annually


+ Cross Device  [4]                   

     - Software: Win, Mac   

  - Apps: Android, iOS  

+ Managed Account  [5]      







Dedicated OVPN


∞ Users [1]

Dedicated IP

Server: DE US UK ES [2]



OVPN Access Server

Protocols: UDP/TCP


   3,99   € / Month

or    39,90   € / Annually


+ Cross Device  [4]                          

     - Software: Win, Mac    

  - Apps: Android, iOS    

+ Self Managed Account  [6]







Multi VPN


10 Users 

Global Network

50+ Locations [3]



Protocols: UDP/TCP



   5,99   € / Month

or    59,90   € / Annually


+ Cross Device   [7]         

     - Software: Win, Mac   

  - Apps: Android, iOS  

+ No-Log Policy         








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